The pricing of plumbing fixtures is basically based on two factors:

  1. Design
  2. Quality of parts used – internally as well as the external finish/metal

Two fixtures can look the same and actually have the same name leading you to believe they are the same. In this example, the price will tell you what you need to know. The manufacturers want to offer similar fixtures for all price points. To be able to do this and still make a profit, they use lesser quality parts not easily visible to an untrained eye or quality of the finish. These are typically found at big box stores. Buyer be ware when it comes to on-line purchases! Who is it you are really buying from? And will they be in business tomorrow? Can you easily return it or get service? This is the give and take game that some are willing to play. 50% Quality or 50%. Crap. Plumbing suppliers are a solid road to take. Any credible supplier, stands behind the products they sell and the warranties that come with them.

The good news, however, if that you can, have both quality and design with a little give and take of your own. For example, If there is a fixture you love but the price tag is a bit much for your budget, consider changing the finish, going from an 8” wide to a 4” set up or even a single faucet. Currently, chrome finish is less than a matte black or gold finish. This changes every few years based on popularity of what’s trending. Another good reason to go to a plumbing supplier is that they can educate you on the spectrum of fixtures and manufacturers so that you can feel confident about your selection and the money you spend.

Understanding Plumbing Costs