A Team of Passionate Designers.

We feel the most important part of a project is the planning and design phases. Taking the time to understand the present and future needs of our clients, gives us the ability to deliver the right solutions: aesthetically, structurally and financially.

We don’t only design things to be beautiful. We design them to be functional as well.

Environments by Design is a full-service design and build firm specializing in renovations and additions for residential and small commercial properties. Our tag line, “better by design is the foundation of our process. Our team works closely with our clients to answer why they want to alter their home and what uses they need from their new space(s) as well as provide creative and individual schematic designs from which to start.


The key to a successful project is communication. One of the most frustrating parts of any construction project is not knowing who, when, or where contractors are going to be working in your home or business.


Environments by Design is a full-service design and build firm specializing in renovations and additions for residential and commercial properties. The first step in our process, and the one we feel is most important, is the design phase. We work closely with our clients to create refreshing, classic spaces that function and flow to meet their needs. We spend the time upfront to think through different solutions and computer aided drawings help us bring our schematic designs to life and allow our clients to see how each design would impact their space. Once a final design has been developed, we educate our clients on their options for finishes – both from a quality standpoint and cost perspective. Unlike the traditional “allowances” used by contractors, we put our clients in the drivers seat for selection and spending – all the while guiding them so that the aesthetic elements come together as a cohesive whole – beautiful and balanced – reflecting their own personal style and budget. By making decisions on design and selections in this first phase, Environments by Design is able to provide our clients with a more accurate budget, order all materials prior to demolition and allow for a more comprehensive and streamlined construction schedule.

The key to a successful project is communication. One of the most frustrating parts of any construction project is not knowing who, when, or where contractors are going to be working in your home or business. ExD employs the latest technology to improve the management of its projects. Our clients log into a cloud-based software program where they can view their construction schedule in real 5me, the project accounting, approve or deny any change orders, and see all project correspondence. Our scheduling software identifies each trade, expected arrival, and task dura5on. Our platform enables our subcontractors, clients, and management team to view the schedules of all projects singularly or collectively.

A change in our schedule notifies everyone.

Mary Gerard Headshot

Mary Gerard • President

Hi there! I am the Owner and Interior Designer of the duo that makes up Environments by Design.

I started ExD really for two basic reasons. First, I felt I brought a fresh, new approach to enhancing and improving the most intimate space we call home. Finishes are the icing on the cake, but before that is where I like to roll up my sleeves and get serious. I specialize in the function and flow that makes sense. The potential for better is in every home no matter the size, age or architectural elements. Secondly, I wanted to improve the renovation experience for my clients by walking them through each phase of planning, design and construction. Our process combined with good communication minimizes stress and sets clear expectations for what is to come during build out especially.

I bring over 25 years of experience working in the design and construction industry. I have worked for large interior architectural firms on the east coast and smaller design firms out west and they have led me here! I come to work excited to work with my clients and design team to create spaces individual, functional and balanced. Each project is unique because it was designed with the input of the people who live in it everyday!

Michael Pope

Michael Pope • Project Leader & Architectural Designer

Michael was trained in architecture at Kent State School of Architecture earning a degree in Integrated Studies.  Throughout college, Michael worked in the construction industry building houses with a small home builder.  His first construction management experience, while still in college, was project managing the renovation of a greenhouse with a new air inflated Polyethylene sheeting system, replacing an antiquated and costly glass frame system.

From 1990 to 2016, Michael owned a technology company specializing in designing and building custom dedicated home theaters.  During that time, his team won numerous national design awards in the consumer electronics industry.  Michael served on the prestigious Board of Industry Leaders for the Consumer Electronics Association (promoters of the global Consumer Electronics Show).  

Michael’s college training, construction experience, and technology experience allows him to combine “blue collar” and cutting-edge technology.  Michael’s ability to create life-like 3D renderings of ExD’s designs help clientele visualize what their new spaces will look like.  Michael implemented a cloud based Project Management program that not only aids in managing all of ExD’s projects, but also provides individual portals for our clients to monitor job progress.

Our Design Process

“With a good design, anything is possible” We believe it! It’s our tag line for that reason. We have proven it time and again and would like to help you get the design of your dreams.

Interior Design

Space Planning

Lighting Design

Finish Guidance and Selection

Paint Color Palette



Digital Renderings and Plans

Structural Engineering


Project Management

Construction Documentation

Owner Representation

Bid Package 

Contractor Vetting

Design Implementation and Quality Assurance

Construction Management