Welcome to our final blog in our series: Processes & Services. This blog features Construction Management and Project Oversight.

Step Four: Construction Management and Project Oversight

To ensure the design integrity is followed during the construction process.

Problem Solving – Often times, construction challenges are revealed during demolition. ExD works closely with the GC team during this critical decision making time to learn the impact of one solution vs another. Our in-depth construction experience, helps us guide the solutions that maintain the design and have the least impact on the budget.

Rough in and Installation – We provide and oversee all the rough in for plumbing and electrical. Before drywall is completed, we want to confirm and notate for the final as-built drawings that all locations for electrical switches and light fixtures are correct. The same goes for the rough-in plumbing especially where multiple fixtures require a special diverter or the like. The selection and purchase of materials is only the first step when it comes to finishes. Tile installation and flooring, for example, have multiple methods and patterns. We walk through all finish installations with our contractors prior to install date to ensure they have all materials they will need when they arrive as well as the outcome meets the design intent.

Schedule Management: COMMUNICATION is the single most important part of a construction project. We all need to be speaking the same language, moving in the same direction and understand where we are at so if changes need to be made it can be done quickly and not drag on and so much more. This is where plans and pictures need a boost and advocate to meet construction.

ExD mandates weekly construction meetings to discuss schedule, challenges, and any changes. ExD acts as the client’s advocate. The single biggest complaint clients have regarding their renovation projects, after budget over-runs, is the time it takes to complete the project. ExD has found that posting a job schedule, in conjunction with the GC, and making it part of a weekly construction meeting helps shorten the project timeline. Especially today, with supply chain issues and a shortage of qualified subcontractors, having weekly construction meetings holds everyone accountable to the schedule.

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