A recent definition by the Interior Design Association reads:

Design is constantly evolving and the professional designer is qualified by education, experience and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces.

Design IS constantly evolving and so are the ways people need their homes to work. Some rooms even have multiple uses depending on the time of day.

When it comes to Design, our goal is to solve the individual needs of our clients. We ask a lot of questions and then we listen. Just listen. We get personal. No space can truly function properly until we understand how you need it to work. All of us demand more from our homes and offices than ever before. Multi-functional spaces that have creative, organized spaces for all of our stuff! The trifecta: Functional. Ease of Flow. Personal Touch.

Creating a great design is only half the battle. Most clients cannot visualize what a space will look like from a two-dimensional floorplan. Most general contractors do not have the ability to illustrate what their two-dimensional plans look like. This is a recipe for disaster and missed expectations! ExD exceeds our client’s expectations by demonstrating our designs in colorized three-dimensional illustrations. Our clients do not have to visualize, they can see the space!

Contact us for a consultation regarding a project you are considering. We’ll meet with you to learn your vision and gather details about how you currently live in the space and bring our thoughts and ideas on how through design we can make it more efficient. Once a plan is agreed upon we’ll go into the design phase providing you with options and ideas that you may have never considered. Once the design phase is complete we’ll help with finish options and begin the construction phase.