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Part 2 of 4: Construction Budget Preparation

Construction Budget Preparation Environments by Design believes that our clients should spend their money on the things that are most important to them. By providing a line item construction budget, they can see just where the money is allocated and which, if any, needs to be value engineered or alter the solution.

What Two Things You Need for an Accurate Budget:

To build the construction budget two things are extremely important: a comprehensive scope of services suitable for contractors to bid from AND real life finish costs NOT unrealistic allowance numbers.

Knowing the design intimately by this point, ExD thoroughly goes through each construction category (i.e. electrical, plumbing, framing, etc.) and develops a detailed scope of work for contractors to bid from and clearly itemize their estimates. We don’t like surprises anymore than our clients do especially when it comes to cost.

With over 150 residential projects under her guidance, Mary educates our clients on finishes including cabinets, countertops, flooring materials, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tile including different patterns, and more. By understanding quality, maintenance, trends vs classic, Mary helps to build not only the budget but the overall aesthetic that will stand the test of time and use. This is extremely important as the project moves forward as well.

Ordering the finishes BEFORE construction starts, plays a large part in the schedule as well as budget. Trades know that the materials needed for rough in’s and finish installation are ready when they are.

Environments by Design is a full-service design and build firm specializing in renovations and additions for residential and small commercial properties. Our tag line, “better by design is the foundation of our process. We’re located in the Charleston, South Carolina market. Would you like to chat? Get in touch with us!

Mary Gerard

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