A home can be many things, a place for your family to gather, a place to showcase your beautiful things, or just a place to hang out after a long day at work.  Well, the word is in that 2020 is going to be the year for mindful interior design.  What does that mean?  Only that we are seeing a change in attitude regarding home interior design as it begins to take on a more peaceful and healthful aspect.  The ideal home of 2020 will integrate values that help to neutralize the stress and complexity of life, presenting you with a retreat of sorts, in your very own home.  Rather than serving as a way to showcase the generic acquisitions of everyday life, the home interior of the future will take a more mindful and personalized approach to design, decorating, and realizing your home environment.

Well-being Begins at Home

Instead of filling your interior space with stuff, this new approach will take care to showcase and highlight items and designs that have a deeper, more personal meaning.  Your home will become more about what you stand for, and what makes you healthy and happy as a person.  As time goes on, people are becoming more mindful of our throwaway culture and seek to fill their lives with things of permanence, elegance, and individuality.  The home is no longer a museum meant to elevate your possessions, but a museum dedicated to you—somewhere to show off the things in your life that have true meaning.  By surrounding yourself with things that <i>you</i> value, instead of things that are merely expensive, you are providing an exterior world that reflects your interior reality.  This can create a feeling of true sanctuary and satisfaction in your home environment.

Craftsmanship Matters

After decades of living in a world that has put a lot of value on mass-produced, mass-marketed items, we are seeing a swing in the other direction.  As more and more homeowners are addressing their dissatisfaction by seeking to lead a more authentic and individualized lifestyle, items that are handcrafted and handmade are seeing a comeback.  With the internet, we can buy things with the click of a button, and often those items we purchase serve only to clutter our surroundings and add financial stress to our lives.  Now, we are beginning to see a trend toward more mindful spending.  People are buying long-lasting handmade and handcrafted items to decorate their homes with things that connect them to the past, the present, and with certain cultures or even personal goals and inspirations.

No matter what 2020 has in store for you, Environments by Design urges you to take a moment and consider what makes your home environment yours.  Feel free to leave a comment or picture telling us about your favorite showpiece—an old family heirloom, a quilt, or another item that makes your home more of a sanctuary!  As always, we hope that with the new year you’ll find new opportunities for self-expression in your home and business design!