A recent definition by the Interior Design Association reads:

Design is constantly evolving and the professional designer is qualified by education, experience and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces.

Design IS constantly evolving and so are the ways people need their homes to work. Some rooms even have multiple uses depending on the time of day.

When it comes to Design, our goal is to solve the individual needs of our clients. We ask a lot of questions and then we listen. Just listen. We get personal. No space can truly function properly until we understand how you need it to work. All of us demand more from our homes and offices than ever before. Multi-functional spaces that have creative, organized spaces for all of our stuff! The trifecta: Functional. Ease of Flow. Personal Touch.

Creating a great design is only half the battle. Most clients cannot visualize what a space will look like from a two-dimensional floor plan. Most general contractors do not have the ability to illustrate what their two-dimensional plans look like. This is a recipe for disaster and missed expectations! ExD exceeds our client’s expectations by demonstrating our designs in colorized three dimensional illustrations. Our clients do not have to visualize, they can see the space!

Reach out to us so that we can discuss your ideas and learn how you live in your space in detail. We are proud of the fact that we can vividly show your space before the project begins. You’ll be able to virtually walk though your project down to the finishes so you have a good idea of the look and feel before it is built out and your realize that it is not what you expected. We help you manage all of this from the overall design of the space down to the color schemes and perfect drawer pulls.

Environments by Design is a full-service design and build firm specializing in renovations and additions for residential and commercial properties. The first step in our process, and the one we feel is most important, is the design phase. We work closely with our clients to create refreshing, classic spaces that function and flow to meet their needs. We spend the time upfront to think through different solutions and computer aided drawings help us bring our schematic designs to life and allow our clients to see how each design would impact their space. Once a final design has been developed, we educate our clients on their options for finishes – both from a quality standpoint and cost perspective. Unlike the traditional “allowances” used by contractors, we put our clients in the drivers seat for selection and spending – all the while guiding them so that the aesthetic elements come together as a cohesive whole – beautiful and balanced – reflecting their own personal style and budget. By making decisions on design and selections in this first phase, Environments by Design is able to provide our clients with a more accurate budget, order all materials prior to demolition and allow for a more comprehensive and streamlined construction schedule.