About Us

Environments by Design is a full-service design and build firm specializing in renovations and additions for residential and small commercial properties. Our tag line, “better by design” is the foundation of our process. We work closely with our clients to answer why they want to alter their home and what uses they need from their new space(s) as well as provide creative and individual schematic designs from which to start.

Our process takes it one step further to identify actual finish selections in lieu of unrealistic allowances. Finish selections include plumbing fixtures, lighting options, countertops, flooring, cabinets, tile and more. Educating our clients about the available materials and the pros and cons of each allows them to make decisions that represent their own personal style and budget. By spending more time on the planning and design phases, we can provide our clients with a more accurate budget, streamlined construction schedule and minimize the stresses of disruption.

Mary Gerard

Mary Gerard


Hi I’m Mary. I am the Owner and interior designer of the duo that makes up Environments by Design. I started ExD because I felt I could bring a fresh, new way to use space! We no longer use our homes the way they were designed years ago. The potential for better, more functional space is there!,  in every home,  no matter the size! I also wanted to improve the renovation construction  process. To walk my clients through the every step, from Planning and Design through Construction. There are so many details to consider just in the design stage alone. Starting with your needs! Why do you want to renovate or add a new space? Every time I ask that question to a new client, I get a different answer. Your solution should be specific to your needs and not cookie cutter. Managing and ensuring that your expectations match the end result I paramount to me as well.

I bring over 25 years experience working in the design and construction industry. I have worked for large interior architectural firms on the east coast and small design firms out west but they all led me here!. I come to work excited to work with my clients and design team. We create spaces that are functional, individual and balanced. Each project is unique because it was designed by the person/people who will be living in it everyday! I invite you to peruse our gallery to see for yourself!


Michael Pope

Michael Pope

Project Leader & Architectural Designer

Michael was trained in architecture at Kent State School of Architecture earning a degree in Integrated Studies.  Throughout college, Michael worked in the construction industry building houses with a small home builder.  His first construction management experience, while still in college, was project managing the renovation of a greenhouse with a new air inflated Polyethylene sheeting system, replacing an antiquated and costly glass frame system.

From 1990 to 2016, Michael owned a technology company specializing in designing and building custom dedicated home theaters.  During that time, his team won numerous national design awards in the consumer electronics industry.  Michael served on the prestigious Board of Industry Leaders for the Consumer Electronics Association (promoters of the global Consumer Electronics Show).  

Michael’s college training, construction experience, and technology experience allows him to combine “blue collar” and cutting-edge technology.  Michael’s ability to create life-like 3D renderings of ExD’s designs help clientele visualize what their new spaces will look like.  Michael implemented a cloud based Project Management program that not only aids in managing all of ExD’s projects, but also provides individual portals for our clients to monitor job progress.

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